Friday, January 29

Kate Moss and her Bags

Can Kate do any wrong? (besides the whole coke-sniffing fiasco a few years back, of course). I mean, the woman does not age! Amazing.

And, as if Topshop and her thousand modeling contracts weren't enough, Moss has designed a new line of handbags with her French partners at Longchamp. They're due to hit the flagship store come February 11th.
Go Kate!

Thursday, January 28

Spring Bags Under $100

PRICE: $58
Urban Outfitters, 374 Sixth Ave., West Village, 212-677-9350

PRICE: $39.50
Gap, 680 Fifth Ave., Midtown East, 212-977-7023

Forever 21, 50 W. 34th St., Midtown West, 212-564-2346

PRICE: $55
Topshop, 478 Broadway, Soho, 212-966-9455

PRICE: $80
Topshop, 478 Broadway, Soho, 212-966-9455
PRICE: $98
Anthropologie, 50 Rockefeller Plaza, Midtown West, 212-246-0386

Wednesday, January 27

Read Me, Then Hang Me

How cool is this 'eye-catching' poster by Postal Press? It reads “imagination is more important than knowledge – albert einstein” Each one comes with a letterpress hang tag showing the edition of the print. Look at that...a reading eye exam and a piece of art rolled into one neat little package.

Thursday, January 21

Photographs by Andrew F

If only I could teleport myself to Manchester to be photographed by Andrew Farrington. His vision and execution go far beyond simple photography...such artistry!  It's like Alice in Wonderland meets Requiem for a Dream.

Tuesday, January 19

Designer Alert: Maurie and Eve

Maurie and Eve, how I love thee...Talk about a collection that's down!..., literally, from the land 'down under'. Australian designer Kelly Davies began designing clothes for friends with a sewing machine given to her by her grandmother after she passed. Soon, the requests began rolling in, her hobby became a business, and the rest is fashion history... With it's romantic rockstar appeal, it's not difficult to see why M&E has taken off so quickly.  J'adore.


Versace Peach

Now I don't follow celebrity stuff, nor did I even watch the Globes event but I must applaud Xtina for wearing this absolutely gorgeous peach Versace gown. I LOVE this dress with it's metallic bodice and peach colored leather inserts but especially because it's different yet still very pretty and feminine. Bravo!

Monday, January 18

You Say Tobago, I say Tobahgo

My latest venture took me to the blissfully chilled out island of Tobago in the Caribbean. If ever you've looked for that perfect secluded stretch of sand that you could have all to yourself, this is the place to find it. With it's endless cozy bays and clear emerald-sapphire waters, you'll be left wondering how you didn't visit this place sooner! And lest I forget to mention the limbo fiestas, cool reggae, steel pan and soca music that will have you 'limin' faster than you can say "yeahh mon.."

Sunday, January 17

Maybe, Juuust Maybe...

...I'll be inspired to hit the gym if it looks like this!

Ok... who got into my head and found out that the only possibility of getting an exercise-hater to workout is by tricking her into thinking she's actually going somewhere else? I don't know, say, a club?  Maybe that New Year's resolution to get fit doesn't sound (..or look) so bad after all...

David Barton Gym @ Astor Place, NYC, 212.505.6800
($125 per month, with a waived registration fee through 1/31 (regularly $400)
photos: and

Friday, January 15

Paris, Make Yourself at Home

I'm a big fan of renting apartments and foregoing overpriced hotels when I travel, so to my delight, I came across Cobblestay which offers very chic and equally cheap digs all around the City of Lights.
Yep, your own apartment in Paris...