Wednesday, January 13

This One's for the Ladies...


Provocateur opened in mid-December under the notion of catering to "women's every desire". Um, do I see Hugh Jackman begging for my hand in marriage? Or hundreds of non-pooping puppies and kittens for me to cuddle? I highly doubt there's a stash of $10,000 in the cabinet underneath the banquette I'm sitting in, so please, this "every desire" mumbo jumbo is so ridiculous. Let's just call it what is... A meatpacking district nightclub with beautiful, feminine decor! That being said, this new establishment in the Gansevoort Hotel, does look like a nice night out with the ladies. The 4000 sq ft lounge splits its' space with Tanuki Tavern serving Japanese infused dishes and serves $22 'outer beauty aid' drinks created by skin care guru Vincent Scott Borba. The decor is very doll-house and dreamy, with extra large banquettes and hidden cabinets for storing your purse.  It's a nice space where women can 'feel' like they're being catered to in one way or another. Now all we need is Hugh Jackman in the mix and this place would be juuust right :-)


Down in the Lower East Side, the Red Velvet Lounge opened just days before Provocateur with a similar concept and rather clever pairing of Cupcakes and Cocktails. Each cocktail, from 'mixologist' (there is such a thing?) Charlotte Voisey, comes with four booze-infused mini cupcakes from Baked by Melissa in SoHo. The almost-too-sweet-to-be-true menu has about 5 combos to choose from including Jameson-spiked espresso cupcakes with a Jameson-espresso martini and rum-vanilla minis coupled with a rum, ginger and lemon juice drink. You can also elect to have the classic 'virgin' red velvet cupcake with some very shi-shi Armand de Brignac. — 174 Rivington St, between Attorney and Clinton


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