Friday, February 26

Two Heads are Better Than One

Happy Snow Day Everybody! (even if there's no snow in your town)
P.S. No, they are not siamese dogs, ahahaha

Wednesday, February 24

Life Imitates Art

Look at the image below. It's a painting, right?
 WRONG! Look again -- it's actually a photograph of a real-life model outside of a MAC cosmetics store at Ala Moana outdoor shopping center in Hawaii.

Peter Kun Frary, a professor at the University of Hawaii, stumbled across the scene after noticing a "crowd of Japanese tourists gawking and snapping pics." The model was decked out in full body paint and posing in front of a set, emulating a painting. Pretty unbelievable, right?
According to Frary, the model "hardly ever blinked." — via Urlesque
Now that's just crazy! only hint of a real person is her eyes and fingertips if you can zoom in that closely...amazing.

Thursday, February 18

Some Very Handy Artwork

How clever are these designs from Turkish art director Orgut Cayli! I'm especially loving Wisdom the Owl. Which one's your favorite?

Friday, February 12

Remembering McQueen

With all the stark black and same silhouettes on the runways this week, the loss of Alexander McQueen becomes even more evident. His designs were truly works of art... below is a sampling of his genius and creativity.

Oyster Dress, Spring 2003 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fall 2008

Fall 2007

Spring 2007

Fall 2008

Fall, Neiman Marcus

I Heart Myself

Who says you need someone to celebrate Valentine's with? Love yourself first and pick up a box of cupcakes on the way home, or better yet (for the lazy-asses such as myself) have them delivered right to your door. G'ahead girl... l.o.v.e. yourself into a sweeeet stupor.


Thursday, February 11

If I Could Live in Color...

... you'd find me in one of these.

Sydney, Australia  (via loveroni)

Chefchaouen, Morocco  (via kelly cheng)

Tucson, AZ  (via tektsu)

Venice, Italy  (via jerry johnson)

Coronado, CA  (via 1 blue canoe)

Wednesday, February 10

Cool Capitals

Check out Cool Capitals for the latest on shopping, art, food, entertainment and countless other things to keep you busy in some of the world's best cities.

Monday, February 8

Deal of the Week

During the month of February, designer frames such as Furla, Etro, and Givenchy are $25 with the purchase of prescription lenses at any of Optyx by Gruen’s six locations.

(Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine)

Wednesday, February 3

Street Art in Havana

El Callejon de Hamel - Centro Habana


Centro Habana

La Habana Vieja

Monday, February 1

Random Post of the Week

Somebody Get Married Please...
because I must have some of these wedding cakes happily sitting in my stomaaaach already! They're almost too beautiful to eat but I guess I'd just have to make an exception in the name of research.

Someone once upon a time said  "never eat anything artificially blue'...wait, that was me. I take it back!

Mmmmmm....Barbie, my old pal, would you like to help me eat this?

Gooblbble, guuullp...Can I have some more please? Thankoo!

I'll refrain from eating this one... I'll just preserve it and put on display forever.

Don't know about all that beading in my belly..but it would make a really cool dress with the right designer!

Ohhh those fruuuits...yuuummy...they must be plastic, those grapes are too perfect. Don't think my stomach will tell the difference though...