Monday, February 1

Random Post of the Week

Somebody Get Married Please...
because I must have some of these wedding cakes happily sitting in my stomaaaach already! They're almost too beautiful to eat but I guess I'd just have to make an exception in the name of research.

Someone once upon a time said  "never eat anything artificially blue'...wait, that was me. I take it back!

Mmmmmm....Barbie, my old pal, would you like to help me eat this?

Gooblbble, guuullp...Can I have some more please? Thankoo!

I'll refrain from eating this one... I'll just preserve it and put on display forever.

Don't know about all that beading in my belly..but it would make a really cool dress with the right designer!

Ohhh those fruuuits...yuuummy...they must be plastic, those grapes are too perfect. Don't think my stomach will tell the difference though...


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