Tuesday, April 20

Color Me Tribal

These clothes demand that you dance—somewhere, soon, and without a care in the world. I say in Rio. Bangles and fringe, tribal tattoos, electric colors that almost clash but don’t: If all that isn't loud enough for you, just add some more beads...and a hot male as an extra accessory while you're at it ;-P

Necklace, $210 at Topshop, 478 Broadway.
Dress, $1,400 and Bangles, from $40 to $60 at Diane Von Furstenberg, 874 Washington St.
Bandeau, $11 at American Apparel, 712 Broadway.
Sandals, $1,605 at Giuseppe Zanotti Design, 806 Madison Ave.


Thursday, April 15

My New Shoes on My New Chair

Studded Chair: Home Goods, $150
Shoes: Betsey Johnson, $150 (purchased for $37!) 

Tuesday, April 13

Pin-Up Glamour

These ads by British lingerie brand Ava Loves actually make me wanna go out and buy myself one of these grandma girdles or two...

Friday, April 9

It's Got Your Name Written All Over It

How much do I love these personalized letter-pressed business cards and embossed stationery from Winged Wheel! This Japanese paper and printing company uses a special handmade cotton paper available nowhere else in the world. (but you can get your hands on these here) Why?...because you know you're dying to hand out the most adorable bunny business card that a monkeysuit-wearing professional has ever seen.

Tuesday, April 6

Home Away from Home

Before you book a lackluster hotel room for your next get-away, make sure to check out first. (Especially if you're traveling with 4 or more people.) I found this 2 BR beauty of a place in Lisbon, Portugal's city center for dirt cheap... Happy Birthday to me!